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Keto Diet

is a diet with a high level of fat and a moderate concentration of carbohydrates. It helps you lose weight by converting the body’s own fat into energy.

The advantage of the Keto Diet is that you can easily eat a lot of delicious foods such as fish, meat, eggs and cheese, all of which are high in fat. However, you have to completely avoid carbohydrates. This has serious implications:

  • Lack of

  • Development of the
    “keto flu”

  • and dysfunction of
    internal organs

This is why you
need Keto Guru!

This allows you to continue to consume carbohydrates without worrying about your health.

Keto Guru –
Eat Your
Favorite Foods And Lose Weight!

Keto Guru are soda tablets that help your body during ketosis (when your body’s cells are lacking carbohydrates). The active components reduce fatigue , help against apathy, prevent the “keto flu” and restore healthy levels of beneficial substances in your body.


  • When your body no longer receives the carbohydrates it needs, it loses energy and is subject to what is known as ketosis .
  • In order to restore the energy balance , the body’s own fat begins to burn intensively .
  • Obesity decreases because you lose fat. Your muscles stay intact.

Adhering to the Keto Diet usually leads to ketosis after two to three weeks. If you use Keto Guru in your diet , the process will start in just 40-50 minutes! The number of ketones in the body increases even if there are still carbohydrates in your body.
The side effects of the diet are minimized.


Losing weight with Keto Guru makes your whole body healthier

Keto Guru provides your body with all the substances and micro-elements it needs to actively lose weight. This prevents typical vitamin deficiencies, deficiencies in calcium, magnesium and the classic dehydration that often occur when following a strict diet.


Active components
in a single tablet

  • Aminobutyric acid 125mgThis active ingredient combats the mental uncertainty and lack of concentration at the beginning of ketosis. You will become relaxed, calmer and fall asleep more easily. You will recover better and sleep more deeply.

  • Magnesium 13mgThis substance combats nervousness, irritability and also prevents depression that can occur during a keto diet. It also prevents headaches and ensures greater concentration.

  • L-glutamine 59mgThis substance increases your endurance, fights fatigue and prevents the stress caused by the diet.

  • Vitamin B 17mgThe vitamin B complex promotes the functioning of your heart and your digestive organs. It reduces cholesterol levels and even improves fertility.

  • Potassium 9mgPrevents the development of the keto flu, stabilizes blood pressure and eliminates muscle weakness.


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